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Teratology is the study of birth defects (structural, functional, and physiological).
Considerations involved in Teratology include: Genetic Influences on Birth Defects|Environmental Exposures and Birth Defects|Maternal Health and Nutritional Influences on Birth Defects|Drugs and Birth Defects|Birth Defects Prevention|Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology|Exposure Type and Level During Varying Stages of Pregnancy.

Check out scenes from the Teratology Society’s 56th Annual Meeting held last June in San Antonio. View Slideshow...

Birth Defects Research Journal
BDRA September 2016 Table of ContentsVolume 106, Issue 9 Pages 729-797, September 2016Unified Birth Defects Research Journal Coming January 2017News about the formal merger of Birth Defects Research (BDR) into a single journal.BDRA August 2016 Table of ContentsVolume 106, Issue 8 Pages 649-728, August 2016