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Teratology is the study of birth defects (structural, functional, and physiological).
Considerations involved in Teratology include: Genetic Influences on Birth Defects|Environmental Exposures and Birth Defects|Maternal Health and Nutritional Influences on Birth Defects|Drugs and Birth Defects|Birth Defects Prevention|Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology|Exposure Type and Level During Varying Stages of Pregnancy.
Award Recipient

Congratulations to Rahat Wadhwa Desai, BDS, MPH, recipient of the Marie Taubenack Award! Read moreā€¦

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BDRA July 2015 Table of ContentsVolume 103, Issue 7 Pages I - V, 573 - 648, July 2015BDRA June 2015 Table of ContentsVolume 103, Issue 6 Pages I - V, 469 - 572, June 2015BDRC June 2015 Table of ContentsVolume 105, Issue 2, Pages I--IV, 87--156, June 2015