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Annual Meeting 2017

Student and Postdoctoral Awards

Travel Awardees 2016

Each year the Teratology Society awards funding to students and postdoctoral fellows to assist them with their travel expenses. Students/postdoctoral fellows who have an abstract that is accepted for presentation and present the abstract during the meeting, as either a platform or poster presentation, are eligible for a Travel Award of $500. Local students and postdoctoral fellows, those living within a 50-mile radius of Denver, are eligible for a Travel Award of $250. Applicants should be enrolled in a program leading to a graduate degree in a field of study related to teratology, or should be postdoctoral fellows in such a field, and should attend the Teratology Society Annual Meeting. Students/postdoctoral fellows who apply for a Travel Award must be members of the Teratology Society at the time of the Annual Meeting. The applicants will be instructed to have their mentor submit a letter of recommendation; without this they are not eligible to be considered for a Travel Award.

The Travel Award Application Submission deadline is February 15, 2017. Please contact the Teratology Society if you have any questions.

Travel Award Application Information

Teratology Society Student Membership
Requirements for Student membership consist of sponsorship by a member of the Teratology Society and verification from the applicant’s Major Professor that the applicant is a student or postdoctoral fellow in good standing and is working in the field of teratology. The Major Professor also will provide the expected date of graduation or fulfillment of fellowship. Student members are requested to apply for Regular or Associate membership status at the first Annual Meeting of the Society after they graduate or after fulfillment of their postdoctoral fellowship. Those students who choose not to apply for Regular or Associate membership status by the time of the succeeding Annual Meeting will have their membership inactivated. For information about applying for membership please visit the Teratology Society website.

Letter of Application
A letter from your Mentor is required for all Student and Postdoctoral Fellow Travel Awards and should be sent to Society Headquarters at tshq@teratology.org. The letter should include the following information:

  • a specific statement to confirm you are currently enrolled at the sponsoring institution or still in the formal training phase of your education
  • a brief description of the curriculum of study and/or your research program
  • an assessment of the qualities that would single you out for recognition by the Teratology Society
  • optionally, additional introduction, methods, results, discussion, and/or two pages of illustrative materials

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The FASEB Mentored Poster/Platform (Oral) Presentation Travel Award

[First Time Attendee/Presenter]

The award provides funding for one underrepresented PhD-graduate/undergraduate student or postdoctoral fellow who is first author (first person listed on the abstract; co-first-authors are not considered) and has been selected to give an oral or poster presentation at the Teratology Society Annual Meeting. Applications are due by April 14, 2017 (5PM EDT).

Download Application Form 

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More Award Opportunities

Additional Student and Postdoctoral Award Opportunities

Edward W. Carney Trainee Award
This award supports graduate student or postdoctoral scholar travel to meetings that offer significant educational opportunities in the field of reproductive and developmental toxicology, such as the Teratology Society.

The Wilson Presentation Awards are selected for the two best presentations in the student platform competition.

The James C. Bradford Memorial Award is presented by the Middle Atlantic Reproduction and Teratology Association (MARTA) to the student or postdoctoral fellow selected as the best paper in the poster competition.

The Marie W. Taubeneck Award recognizes a student or young investigator for scholarship in teratology and service to the Society.

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Award Notes

If you apply for a Wilson Presentation Award and are not selected as a finalist, you can be considered for the James C. Bradford Memorial Award by selecting "platform or poster" for your presentation type. There is a possibility that your abstract will be selected for another platform session, taking you out of the Bradford Award competition. In these instances, the submitting author will be contacted to verify their presentation preference.



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