Teratology Primer:
Book on birth defects research now available

The second edition of the Teratology Primer, is now on-line. Intended as an overview of the field and written by experts in their areas of specialty, the Teratology Primer provides information and references with a collection of interesting and current topics regarding birth defects. The Teratology Primer is intended mainly for students to understand the career choices available in the field of teratology and addresses issues such as, how preconceptional exposures may affect pregnancy outcome, what infections increase the risk of birth defects, and the effects of alcohol use during pregnancy. Additional topics range from how birth defects are diagnosed, to ethical considerations, to the use of systems biology or computational approaches to predict teratogenic risk.

The Teratology Society has made this second edition of the  Teratology Primer available electronically and free of charge.

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